⭐️ Introducing Raft Dedicated Servers ⭐️

We present RaftDedicatedServer (RDS) – Easily run your Raft world 24/7.
Currently available on BisectHosting and self-hostable for our patrons above $5, RDS offers an unparalleled experience.

🌍 Uninterrupted 24/7 Gameplay: The Only Available Solution 🌍
Finding a way to sustain your adventures around the clock can be daunting. RDS stands as the singular solution, ensuring your gameplay continues without pause. No more interruptions, no more limitations – just continuous, unbounded exploration.
🚀 Enhanced Performance with RTCP 🚀
Experience Raft like never before with RTCP. Our new networking layer facilitates direct connections to your server, minimizing latency to the lowest possible levels, allowing for a smoother, more immersive experience. RDS ensures the lowest latency possible with your players.

🎮 BisectHosting: A Flexible Solution 🎮
BisectHosting offers a versatile server solution, supporting over 50 games that you can swap between while keeping your saves. Their platform is highly affordable with a one-click Raft install, making it a user-friendly option.
💻 Self-Hosting: Become a Patron 💻
You can also self-host your server by becoming a $5+ patron on our Patreon. This allows you to generate a key and download the necessary software. However, we highly recommend using BisectHosting, as their panel simplifies the process and avoids Linux issues.

Get started with RaftDedicatedServer by either renting a server or self-hosting it and let your adventure begin. ⛵️

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